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Emerging Leaders United engages tomorrow’s philanthropic leaders through volunteerism and charitable giving today. ELU harnesses the energy of emerging professionals who want to impact lives and create a better community for all.

Members will continue to enjoy exclusive leadership development, social networking opportunities, and volunteer events throughout Forsyth County that will make a direct impact in the community.

Members are asked to make a contribution of $250 and complete 24 hours of volunteer service annually.


“I got involved with Emerging Leaders United back in 2018 through my company when searching for ways to give back to my community. At ELU, we have a great balance of community works, professional development, and connecting with other professionals. I’m so grateful for getting to work with my community so closely and I love the people I serve with and serve for. Forsyth County has so many great things going on to improve the economic well-being of our community like Place Matters and Housing Matters. I’m excited to serve as Chair this year and I’m available to tell you more about what we’re doing."

Jacob Horvat
Emerging Leaders United Chair

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